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The Final Game

Well today is the last day of Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month and cheer season is officially over. But I will always remember all the memories I made.

One of the moments that sticks out to me is when the football team won the state championship at Hershey. My parents and I travelled to Hershey with the cheerleading team to cheer them on! I got to ride the bus on the way up there because my mom rode it with me. My dad drove our car (even though the bus was wheelchair accessible) because the bus was coming back that night but we were staying at Hershey overnight. We knew we were going to be tired after the game, and we didn't want to ride the bus back.

When we got there the whole cheer team went to Chocolate World before the the game. It was big and there was a ton of people there.

Finally, after Chocolate World, it was game time. It was one of the coldest games I ever been to. But we won! At the end all the cheerleaders ran out on the field with the football players to celebrate.

Here’s to Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month and being on the cheer team!

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