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Charleston, South Carolina is a cool and interesting town. I went there over New Years for the first time.  My sister’s friend, who lives there, was getting married; we were all invited and happily went.


On the 28th of December, my mom, my dad, and I headed to the airport. We were flying on an airline we had never flown before -it was called Breeze. The process went pretty smoothly. However, our flight was delayed twice, so we got in super late.


The next morning, after we got some much-needed sleep, we decided to go out to breakfast. I wasn’t prepared for how cold it was! I thoughtsince we were in South Carolina, it would be nice and warm. I guess I was wrong.


Despite the cold, we walked around and found a café. The name of this Café was ‘1,2,3 Spring’ and I thought it was really cute. I got a super delicious breakfast sandwich!


Once we filled our stomachs with yummy food, it was back to walking. The three of us walked all around downtown.  King Street, the main drag, had a bunch of stores and restaurants and was packed with people.I usually like to drive myself as much as possible, but in some situations,I sometimes need a little help. King Street was so crowded, my dad had to push me!


Eventually, my parents and I came upon a mall that looked really cool, so we decided to go inside and check it out. Once we were inside, I drove myself again. This mall was really pretty! Beautiful Christmas decorations were still sparkling throughout.


One of my favorite things in this mall was a sweet Train display. I feel like everyone has seen one of these, especially around the holidays. This one featured a town that was pretty big, and, of course, it had a train. I noticed that the train was carrying something, to me it looked like bags of flower, but who knows?! One thing this Train set had that I haven’t seen in other Train sets was a ski lift. This lift actually moved! It was incredible; I was amazed!


That evening, we decided upon Mexican food and there was a Mexican restaurant right down the street. My parents and I walked there, and wewere lucky because there was one table left. Even though it was a two top, we made it work. The food was great, even the salsa and chips were delicious, I would definitely recommend them. My main meal waschicken quesadillas with some Guac. I’m always up for some tasty Mexican food and this was great.


The next day was the Wedding (to which I wore a red dress). The ceremony was at The Citadel College. The Church on the Campus was amazingly beautiful. My oldest sister was one of the bridesmaids, so it was great watching her. The reception was happy and fun and there were more beautiful decorations. From beginning to end, it was a lovely Wedding.


The next day, Sunday, was New Year's Eve. In the morning, my family and I went to church. When church was over, we decided to go out (again) to breakfast. This time, we ate at ‘Toast’; I thought it was fantastic! I had French Toast, of course- it even had berries on it -increasing its deliciousness!



After breakfast, we went back to the Air B&B to relax. We eventually decided that, since we had seen so many horse-drawn carriages allaround town, we should go for a ride. Although it was a bit of a challenge to get on the carriage, our tour guide was really kind and very funny. He took us all around the town and discussed the different areas.


One of the things he showed us was the oldest restaurant in the town. This restaurant was packed. (We ate there later, I remember that I had pulled pork and that it was pretty good.)

On our carriage ride, we also saw many of the amazing houses of Charleston. They are generally incredible- in size and uniqueness. (Some of them are so massive that I think several families could live in just one.) When we got back to our starting point, riders were allowed to pet the horse. I discovered that our huge Clydesdale was named Jordan.


Once we were done with the carriage ride, we, again, went to eat. We found a local bar and I had a chicken sandwich with Ranch! It was pretty yummy AND it had my favorite condiment!


That night we chilled at the AirB&B and watched ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’. This movie is about a group of people and animals that travel around and save the world. It is one of a whole series. I definitely recommend watching all of them! To end the night, we watched the Ball drop. I was very happy to ring in the New Year with my family.


On Monday, we explored even more. We eventually found a little market that was half inside and half outside. We decided to check it out because one of my goals was to find a t shirt or sweatshirt. My family and I wandered all around and saw so many cool vendors. Most were selling homemade things. I appreciate people making their own items to sell, I think it makes any product way more special.


Sarah, my sister, bought a couple of paintings at the Market. My family and I have always been really into art (especially Sarah and I). I wasn’t at all surprised when she bought more art, and I did find a cool sweatshirt. It was blue with ‘Charleston, South Carolina’ written on it. It also had the Rainbow Row houses on it.


My sweatshirt purchase inspired my family and I to go see the Rainbow Row houses! So, we got in Sarah’s car and found the famous houses. They were awesome and magnificently colorful. I  think people actually live in them. Imagine having people constantly drive by your house! (That must be soo annoying but, at least they’re cool.)


We also saw some other cool houses. I liked seeing all the different architecture and imagining the history. My mom was really interested in the history reflected in each house. If I could have any house I wanted, I would definitely choose one that we saw. They were truly amazing.


I’ve always heard about how unique Charleston is and I loved being there. Maybe, one day, I’ll go back.

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1 Comment

Keith Fieldhammer
Keith Fieldhammer
Mar 31

What an amazing trip, and you described it in such detail! I think this may be your best blog post yet! I can't wait to visit Charleston myself!

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