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Best Buddies Ball

This one of my favorite things I did in junior year.

Best Buddies Ball is a dance for kids with special needs, but typical kids were there too. It’s put together by the Best Buddies program at my high school. If you don’t know what Best Buddies is, it is an after school program/club where disabled kids and typical kids are paired up and form a friendship. The goal is to help disabled kids make friends and to make sure that everyone is included and gets to experience typical things in a teenager’s life.

The Ball was downtown at the Convention Center. Our teacher came with us to take the bus downtown; there were 4 girls, including me, on my bus. One girl was in a wheelchair like me and she talked a lot. Everyone looked so pretty and we all danced, even the teachers.

I had a great time and I hope to go again next year!

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