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This summer is going fast!

I have done a lot of fun things! First my family and I went to New Orleans, LA for my sister's graduation. She was in a year-long Dietetic Internship that she needed to complete in order to be eligible to take the exams to become a Registered Dietitian.

We rode the street car all around the city. It was really cool, and I got to get out of my wheelchair and sit on the bench! We also walked around a lot of the different neighborhoods. This city is very different from anywhere else I have ever been. The food was so good, and I got to have beignets for the first time!

When we came back from New Orleans, I went to music camp like I do every summer. I like the different classes and getting to play music with everyone. I got to write another song with Ed this year. The song is called "If I Had." Lily sang it again, and she did so beautifully. I also got to close out the night with a speech that I wrote. A lot of people came to see me, including my grandma, one of my aunts and cousins, and my friend Rachel; it was a great night.

A week after music camp was my graduation party. I had a lot of fun with my family and friends. I was happy with how everything looked, although it was kinda windy so some flowers did blow over. My mom and I were sad that we didn’t take any pictures, but the food was really good and everyone seemed like they had a great time.

Now I’m just going to enjoy the rest of my summer till I start my new program!

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