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Songs for Sweet Dreams

This past summer my family and I were visiting my dad’s family in St. Louis. We all went to the St. Louis Arch, because we hadn’t been there since my older sisters were really little. In fact, I’m not sure if I had been there at all. It’s very cool to see up close, it’s really huge!

Both my older sisters and my mom went up to the very top of the Arch. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go up to the top because it’s not wheelchair accessible, ugggh. My dad, Hartmann, and I had to stay down below on the ground level. We saw a movie about how the arch was made, it was cool but kinda boring. I think my dad fell asleep during it. My sister took some videos of them at the top so I got to see it, which was cool but I wish I got to see it first hand.

Maybe some day I’ll get to go up there and see what it is all about. If I was president I’d make every place in America handicap accessible!

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