• Julia Fieldhammer

New Program, New Experiences

I’ve been my program for about three months now.

I’ve have some interesting experiences good and bad. Like one time on the public bus this old lady with tattoos on her face started hitting me because she was afraid I was gonna run over her feet. The teacher's aide that was with me started yelling at her and saying "Oh no, you don't touch her!" It was very wired, like come on people, I'm always in this wheelchair, you don't think I know how to drive it?

But anyway, on to the good stuff, I’ve been doing a lot of exciting things. I’m taking an art class at Manchester Craftsman's Guild (MCG). This place offers a lot of art classes you can chose from, such as photography, ceramics, or digital. I really like the ones I’ve taken so far.

Besides that, I’ve just been going different places like the bank and the store. Sometimes we go to some events if there’s something special going on.

Next weekend I’m going to visit my sister Sarah in college to see some of her art work in a show. I’m excited to see it! Then the following week is Thanksgiving and all my friends will be home. I’m looking forward to to hearing how they like college and catching up with everyone!

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