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Homecoming and Fall Time

Updated: May 25, 2019

Well the last two weekends I’ve been pretty busy.

Last weekend one of my sisters was home and we went to the pumpkin patch. There was a corn maze there and she really wanted us to go in it, and managed to convince my parents it was a good idea. The maze turned out to be super muddy! It was funny, my wheelchair had mud all over the wheels and my dad was complaining the whole time. She apologized for making us go through it but I’m not sure my parents forgave her (just kidding, they did).

This past weekend was homecoming and I went with a date for the first time! He’s a really nice kid, I’m glad I went with him. It took literally all day to prepare for it. I got my hair done at a salon, and did my makeup and nails at home. When we got to the dance I was disappointed I couldn’t get though the crowd to dance with my friends. I had to stay in the back with all the Freshman, even though I’m an upperclassman. It was still fun, though.

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