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I can’t believe it’s over! Like it just came, and now it’s gone. We got our tree really late this year, like the week before Christmas. My mom, my sisters, and I always have a fight with my dad about whether to have a real or fake tree. We always win, so a real tree it is, though dad always tries to get a small real tree once he loses (he normally loses his battle for that too). Some years we cut it down ourselves, but this year we didn’t since we waited so long to get it. My sister and I decorated the tree, so of course it looked so good!

Christmas morning I got up around 9:30 and we opened our presents. I got some new makeup brushes, some earrings, a Vera Bradley over night bag, and a new robe (I’m wearing it in the picture). Hartmann got some tennis balls that he loved. They’re all over my house!

I’m so happy that I have a break from school to be able to relax and hang out with my family and my dog.

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